Forgotten Realms: Zhentarim Ambitions

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Main Group

Uktar 1, 1372 DR, Alabaster, Koem, David, Morif, and Koem arrive at the small hamlet outside of Waterdeep named Amphail Village. The party takes care of some internal problems leading to the death of a long-time ne’er do well Tharag, and sadly the death of David the Cleric results as well. (Alabaster bull rushed him into a hearth within his house). The party speaks to the town constable and learns that there have been attacks by trolls more so than usual, and that they have been coming from the nearby Dungeon of the Hark. Thanks also to information provided by Thax McGruff the Innkeep. Johnathan the Blower Joins the party. Noome joins the party.

Uktar 3, 1372 DR, The party arrives at the town of Secomber, and on the way meets a new party member, a helpful Wild Elf by the name of Alice. Alice and Johnathan sought the help of a mage in town by the nickname “Mithral”. Mithral agrees to create magical items for the two, and also awakens the dormant power within Alice (he becomes a Sorcerer).

Uktar 11, 1372 DR, As the party, now consisting of Alabaster, Koem, Alice, and Johnathan are about to set off for the dungeon, they witness the beginnings of a public execution. A new party member introduced this day is Nym Sunkiller, and he actually manages to convince one guard that the other is a conspirator, and actually responsible for the crimes presented to the prisoner. With that the prisoner is free, and they are introduced to a very strange, but helpful NPC, by the name of Basilius Torborn. They are also joined by a rogue named Krissara eager to prove her use. Upon a final visit to the tavern that day, they learn that a friend of the tavern keep, a cleric named Zead, went missing over a year ago when he went to the Dungeon of the Hark to purge as many levels of undead as he could. They set off to stop the trolls and either rescue, or confirm the death of Zead.

Uktar 13, 1372 DR, They arrive at the Dungeon and work their way through monsters, traps, and other perils. As they work their way through, they discover no sign of Zead, just trolls meaning that their goal is nigh at hand. They take shelter in a corridor and rest up for the night, and when they wake in the morning, they discover that Koem and Basilius are nowhere to be found. Undaunted, they press on. They came from the east to a large room where they hear chanting coming from a smaller room at the north end. They go to explore the northern room, and meet a very extravagant spell caster, and two more trolls. One of the trolls is a very prominent, and intelligent (for his kind) named Arrk, and with more than just the claws of race. Arrk brandishes a magical great sword, that has curse embedded within that causes it drip blood, in which Arrk drinks for comfort. During the battle, Alabaster dies, rest his soul, and Johnathan was not far from that dark realm. The enemy’s losses were but one of the two trolls. All hope seemed lost for Alice, and the Sorcerer now introduced as Knell Ashun, tries to reason with Alice. Alice responds by throwing a torch at the mage setting his robes aflame. Zead, now free of his imprisonment leaves the northern room in order to aid in the conflict. With one touch, he kills Arrk, and helps Alice fell his opponent.

Uktar 14, 1372 DR, Alice, Zead, Krissara, Nym, and Johnathan leave the dungeon, and set off for Secomber. While crossing the River Dessarin, Johnathan the Blower is swept downstream and dies from a lethal plunge over some cascading falls.

Uktar 15, 1372 DR, They arrive at Secomber, worse for wear, and rest up at the tavern where they meet up with the tavern keep. In this tavern they are introduced to two new party members, a shade by the name of Daverick, and a cleric of Tymora named Ivan. Daverick seeks the town’s mage Mithral to have magical items created for him. Rumors of murders that have been taking place pique the party’s interest, and skillful investigation leads them to a victim’s house. In the house they discover a journal that belonged to the victim, and they learn that Zhent Assassins are responsible for the murders and his last entry mentions that he fears he will be slain for his recent actions. The journal leads them to a Zhentarim fort established just to the north of the city. The party regroups at the tavern for the night.

Uktar 16, 1372 DR, The party is introduced to a wandering swordsman by the name of Kenshin. Before the party sets off for the fort, he offers his assistance, and they agree. Nym, Darverick, Ivan, Alice, and Kenshin set off for the fort. With expert stealth, battle saavy, and luck, they decimate the fort, and kill all occupants. They take the journal of the lieutenant, and confirm that the Zhentarim is responsible for the murders in Secomber.

Nighttal 20, 1372 DR, The party is confronted by a Zhentarim military contingent with orders to apprehend the party. They win, but Daverick is nearly lost, and all Zhentarim members apparently die.


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